4 Steps On How To Not Give Up The Good Stuff To Lose Weight

One of the hardest things about losing weight is the thought that you have to give up all the foods you love. When people talk about dieting, the thing that immediately comes to mind is that you have to eat salad, after salad after salad.

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This is not necessarily the case.  Here are a few things that you can do in order to eat the foods that you love, but still lose weight. It is all about moderation.

Step #1: Work Out The Calorie Content

It is a real shame that the foods that most people really love are the foods that have a high level of sugars, fats and calories.

The first thing that you should do is to educate yourself about the calorie content in these types of foods. Thanks to the internet we have online calorie resource on a click.

If you know how much a portion of your favorite food is worth in calories, you can work out how much of it you can eat so that you are still within your daily calorie allowance.

Step #2: Work Out How Many Calories You Need to Burn

Once you have worked out how many calories are in the foods that you love, you should take a  look at what it will take in order to burn those calories off.

A good way to do this is to use one of the online exercise-calorie burning programs, which calculate the amount of time it will take you to burn the calories.

You can type in the exercise that you do and you will be given an estimate of the time it will take to burn those calories.

Now you are armed with the information you need. You now know exactly what type of activity you need to do and for how long, in order to enjoy that tasty chocolate, or muffin or potato chips…and yes even that mouth watering barbeque pork ribs.

Now, That’s Out Of The Way: Your Next Move

OK, it’s time to do some action…

It is important that you look at the different options that are available. Pick the right thing for your situation.

Consider the following:

Step #3: Work With a Group

If you know that you need the help and support of others, then it is a great idea to join a weight loss group. There are plenty of choices available.

There are groups that are internationally known or you  can ask your doctor to recommend a weight loss support group in your area.

The internationally known weight loss groups include companies like Slimming World, Weight Watchers and Rosemary Conely.

Try to find a groups in your area, where like minded people get together.  The group leader will provide dietary advice for the group in order to help keep you on the right track.

As you progress, you will also receive support by being praised and congratulated for your efforts. These types of groups usually meet on a weekly basis, where you have a weigh-in and you can track your weight loss.

Don’t you think this is perfect for someone who needs the support of others by meeting with a group who all have the same goals in mind?

Step #4: Record Your Eating Habits

If you prefer to work on your own, then you can use some of the online resources that are available.

It is a good idea to record your eating habits so that you can look at the types of food that you eat on a regular basis.

When you know what your normal diet consists of, you can educate yourself on making better choices.

Using one of the many online calorie counting sites, you can keep a food diary.  Take a look at the types of food you eat, and how much calories you consume.

There are online sites that you can pay for, such as the Weight Watchers Online program, or you can use a free site like My FitnessPal.com

By making the effort to record your food intake, you might notice that there isn’t enough fruit or vegetables in your diet. You might notice that your portions are too big.

It does take time to analyze your eating habits and you have to be willing to look at the results and make the necessary changes in the types of food that you eat.

As you progress, and if you are making the right changes, you should notice that your food diary includes less of the calorie heavy foods and more healthy options.

BONUS Step #5: Drink MCT Infused Coffee

I bet you did not see that coming and you thought we’re kidding, right?

Seriously, unless you lived under a rock somewhere, there is a product that actually may help you lose some extra pounds by simply drinking coffee.

NOT just another cup of coffee.

Look for one that  is infused with ingredients proven to have positive nutritious effects, like MCT oil, which has been integrated successfully into weight-loss programs.

There you go.

You don’t have to give up on the good stuff to lose weight.

In fact you may want to add coffee in the mix.

Go ahead burn some extra calories by simply enjoying your cup of joe daily.

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